The places of worship in a city explores the spiritual side of it’s people. In the case of Chennai, there is no scarcity of such spaces as the city is stretched with number locations of worships for their sincere followers. With Jet airways flights you will findcheap fares to acknowledge such beautiful places in Chennai.

From British rulers and Nawabs, all have exclusively left their eras in one type or the other, and religion is surely one of the major legacies that were stretched to the nearby locations. A normal Indian location would portray with the multi-cultural and multiethnic places of faith, and Chennai has a lot of such religious locations that exclusively allow the people to trust their belief. It is certainly quite a sight to acknowledge the people with full belief and adoration for such holy spaces. You can move in any of the location of worship to unravel and meditate or pray.

Chennai is a city with the wealthy combination of people belonging to distinct culture and faiths. Here, individuals of all forms of religions live and execute their respective duties as it is stated by their religion. Over a certain period of time frame, all religious localities have established and built their spaces of worship in distinct parts of Madras or Chennai.

In regards to assimilate the religious side of the place, you can surely go to any space of worship in the city and have a serene time in the middle of divinity. Heedless of what form of religion you are part of, visit this location for worship as it is simply amazing. Such holy regions assist you not only to attain complete peace but also assist to re-discover yourself. Premier religious locations of worship at Chennai are churches, temples, dargahs, and mosques. Whether modern or ancient, these locations of worship have one stuff in common i.e the divine connection. Thus, have a closer essence of the different religious locations of Chennai.


Temples are the regions to worship for the Hindus. As Hindus create a large segment of the Chennai population, it is quite common that of all the religious locations of Chennai, temples are surely the largest in number. Several of the temples of Chennai or Madras city is so famous that numbers of followers visit them to worship and pray each and every day. While it is amazing to acknowledge such number of people visiting in droves to the premises of the temple just to capture the view of their respective divine deities, do also observe the intricate and rich structural style of these beautiful temples.


Constructed mostly by the rulers of the colonial time, these churches exclusively bear the signature form of European design. Apart from the architectural beauty of these churches the satisfying experience inside these amazing places is heavenly divine. In the city of Chennai, there are several magnificent and beautiful churches, constructed over a frame of time. Few of the well-known churches of Chennai or Madras are Andrew’s Kink, Anderson Church, ChinnamalaiChurch, Christ Church, St. George’s Cathedral, and Santhome Cathedral Basilica.


The confluence of mysticism, spirituality, and faith is exclusively visible in locations of worship like Dargah. The connection with divine rather becomes catching. Dargah is a Muslim place of worship, where devotees’ burn pray and incense. In Chennai, several of these Dargahs are visited and venerated by people of distinct faiths. Few of the popular Dargahs of Madras or Chennai city are Hazrat Baba Dargah, Anna Salai Dargah, Qadri Baba Dargah, Mohammad Ismail Sahib,  andThameem Ansari Baba Dargah.


As you move around the mosques of Chennai, mystique and divinity seem to strive in the air. The city of Chennai has a number of Muslims inhabiting and over a range of time, several mosques were established in the city of Chennai.Few of the well-recognized mosques in the Chennai city are Makka Masjid, Masjid Mamoor, The Grand Mosque, and Thousand Lights Mosque.

So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and unwind yourself for a spiritual tour down south.