Fun Things to Do in Dubai with Whole Family

Fun Things to Do in Dubai with Whole Family

Travelling to Dubai means sky-piercing buildings, seven-star hotels, luxurious yachts, colossal malls, alfresco dining and affluent resorts. Isn’t it? Not really, Dubai is much more than its gold-dipped glamour. From outdoor adventures to historical sites, the city is dotted with kid-friendly attractions. Ride the camels, hop on the rollercoasters, play roles in Kidzania and watch the dancing fountain – there are hundreds of things to do in Dubai that are perfect for all ages.

Here is a list on the best kid-approved activities in Dubai:

1. Learn and Play at Kidzania

A 7,000 sq. m mini-city located in the heart of Dubai, Kidzania is based on a never-head before edutainment concept. Perfect for children aged 2-16, the place is home to 40 role-playing activities. What is your child fond of? Get him into the shoes of his dream profession, be it the doctor, engineer, scientist, chef or journalist. They work in a fun environment, earn Kidzoes (Kidzania currency) and learn to take responsibility. It is a cool learning academy where the kids can kick back, take a spa and go on shopping after the job. Some of the famous areas are Vr Secret Agent Training, Acting Academy, Micro safe Antimicrobial Lab, Radio Station and Rove Hotel. Did we tell you there are Games Room as well?

2. Tour the Global Village

The multicultural festival Global Village is touted as the region’s biggest tourism and entertainment project. It ushers in its 26th season this year where 80 cultures are brought together in an open-air ambience. Visitors can browse the pavilions, scour through the 3,500 displays and buy local products. What can kids do here? Well, the festival park has replications of the iconic structures like London’s Big Ben to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy for a picture-perfect backdrop. There are star-studded concerts, contests with cartoons, countless games, thrilling rides, and exciting shows. Families can then catch a break at food and dining outlets.

3. Show off your skills at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Feed your young soul with an epic adventure at IMG Worlds. Spread in over 1.5 million square feet of a playground, IMG features 4 epic zones depicting different worlds. Shake hands with your idol Marvel superheroes and join them on their mission on rides such as Thor Thunder Spin. Then, watch your favourite cartoon characters like The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and LazyTown come alive in the form of electrifying rides. The third zone takes you to the prehistoric age of dinosaurs in the Lost Valley. The theme park also has IMG Boulevard, which includes dining, shopping and movie sections to let you wind down.

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