Things to do and See in Bodrum Turkey

Things to do and See in Bodrum Turkey

Whether you’re interested in history, leisure, culture, or cuisine, Bodrum offers it all. Beautiful beaches and blue seas surround the city’s stunning Turkish coastline adjoining the Aegean Sea, giving it the ideal spot to relax in the sun while taking in some of the city’s wonderful sights.

There are many charming historical places to see and some fantastic museums in this city that house one of the world’s ancient wonders. Bodrum is a fantastic location to visit, with so much to see and do, and you will undoubtedly love all this great Turkish city has to offer. So, without wasting time, pack your bags and apply for a turkey e visa application online .

1. Bodrum Castle

With its impressive view of the waters around it, Bodrum Castle is the most popular tourist destination in Bodrum, and with good reason. The magnificent walls, built by the Knights of St John between 1402 and 1437, are surprisingly well-preserved for their artifact.

The castle’s magnificent towers and turrets further contribute to its majestic aspect. The French and English Towers are two, indicating the Knights’ international character as Catholic groups banded together to combat the Ottomans.

Inside the castle walls are vast rooms and the spectacular Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which exhibits many intriguing items from the surrounding area. Bodrum Castle is a wonderful location to see and a must-see for anybody visiting the city.

2. Bodrum Amphitheater

This magnificent amphitheatre, which dated to the 4th century BC and was constructed during Roman times, is well worth seeing, despite its small size. The amphitheatre’s stairs and seats are built into the hillside and are in excellent condition.

The views from the top floors are magnificent, with the mountains and sea in front of you. The amphitheatre, which has a capacity of about 13,000 people, holds a lot of outstanding concerts and festivals and some local cultural events during the summer.

3. Bitez Beach

The beautiful Bitez Beach, located around six kilometres from Bodrum, is worth a visit if you seek a peaceful place while in the city. Resting on a hammock and watching the world go by is exquisite, with gorgeous clear water surrounding its long stretch of beach; olive and citrus orchards create a tranquil background to the bay’s arc.

Water activities are available for more active beachgoers, with windsurfing being particularly popular. If you’re searching for a change of scenery, Bitez Village isn’t far away.