Top 8 Routes For Trekking In Turkey

Top 8 Routes For Trekking In Turkey

1. St Paul Trail

The St. Paul Trail is one of Turkey’s most notable hiking routes, having historical significance. During his first voyage across Asia Minor, St Paul followed this path. It’s a long-distance trek that will take you around 27 days to finish. This journey allows you to see the charm of rural Turkish communities as well as stunning landscapes. The best months to hike the St. Paul Trail are April through July and September through November.

2. Lycian Trail

This is one of Turkey’s most well-known hiking destinations. Patara has a 12-kilometre beach with beautiful views of the coastline from Kas, Kalkan, and Mount Olympos, making it one of the unique trekking destinations. Historical remains of Lycian towns can also be seen against the backdrop of the Mediterranean. We recommend that you wear good leather shoes and buy a trekking pole, while neither is required.

3. Yenice Forest Trail

The Yenice Forest Trail’s major feature is its strategic position. Yenice Forest Trail is a must-see attraction located near the historic town of Safranbolu, a well-preserved Ottoman area. The saffron crocus harvesting centre is Safranbolu. There is a 396-kilometre short route that may be accomplished in 21 different ways. This path is easily reachable from the Turkish cities of Istanbul and Ankara. To get to the destination on this path, you can ride your bike or ride a horse. This hiking path is suitable for a two- to three-day hike. This journey is best made during March and October.

4. Uludag Mountain Trail

If you’re seeking the greatest Turkey hiking routes, the path from Sarialan to Cobankaya is the best. During the summer, this trail is renowned as one of Turkey’s most popular hiking trails. Winter is a great time to go skiing and visit the local ski resorts. In the summer, hikers may enjoy a walking path along the magnificent slopes, glacial lakes, and the Alpine meadows of Uludag National Park.

5. Cappadocia Trail

This tiny land area is a hiker’s paradise, with unique scenery and many historical sites. With its bizarre scenery, carved valleys, canyons, and phallic rock formations, the Pigeon Valley is a popular hiking destination. Love Valleys, Red Valley, Zemi Valley, and Rose Valley are just a few of Cappadocia’s well-known trekking destinations.

6. Taurus Mountains Trail

This hiking track is extremely tough, and it is one of Turkey’s most demanding hiking trails. Difficult roads, deep valleys, canyons, alpine grasses, and lakes may all be found in the Taurus mountains. For the greatest trekking Turkey adventures, the most popular paths are in western and central Taurus.

7. Kackar Mountains

The Kackar Mountains are a mountain range in Turkey’s far northeastern region, with slopes that plunge into the Black Sea. The 154-kilometre Kackar Trail follows the range. Due to its natural alpine beauty provides the most pleasant views and is often regarded as one of the greatest trekking options among Turkish highland locations.

The tallest peak in this superb range is 4000 metres, and it will be a decent test if you consider yourself a mountaineer. You could see a bear, wolf, or ibex while on the journey, which takes around 30 days to complete.

The path has a tough difficulty rating and will test your trekking abilities. Between July and September is the peak time to trek the Kackar.

8. Independence (Istiklal) Trail

The historical significance of the Independence Trail in Northern Turkey cannot be overstated. The liberating troops used the path during Turkey’s independence struggle in 1919. It is just 105 kilometres long, running between Inebolu and Seydiler-Kastamonu, near the Black Sea. The journey is quite challenging, and the ideal months to go are March through October.