All About Yosemite National Park

All About Yosemite National Park

The memory of most people, when they mention California, recreates the image of a sunny sandy beach. When traveling around the state, I advise you to visit Yosemite National Park, as impressions from the beauty of this object are guaranteed, and you simply cannot find more beautiful landscapes in the USA. Before traveling, I recommend that you preview the photos and videos of webcams in order to further compare the picture with what you saw.

Yosemite Park
Yosemite Park is considered to be the most impressive geological sight in the world, on the territory of which you can see lakes and rivers, geysers and waterfalls, plains and rocks. The valley is formed by the movement of glaciers that carved a path along the Merced River. The blocks of ice scraped off the mountain granite, leaving behind vertical heights of the cliffs.

The park is located on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, and its territory is 3081 km², but only 11 km² is allocated for the tourist area. Surprisingly, having passed such a small distance by the standards of experienced travelers, one’s own feeling of what he saw is incredible. For the possibility of hiking, today about 1,300 paths have been laid.

The surrounding world of plants is striking in its diversity. The park includes five types of vegetation zones, and here you can see any vegetation, from oak thickets to alpine fields. About 7,000 plants grow in America, and 1/5 of them can be found in Yosemite Park in California. When you travel, the nature around you changes with incredible speed – literally with every kilometer in Yosemite park you observe a change in landscape. Unhurried rivers give way to turbulent streams, which turn into noisy waterfalls and geysers. The height of the highest waterfall is 739 meters.

What to Consider
The valley is open to the public all year round. You can visit the park at different times of the year, but, depending on the period chosen, the impressions will be different. In summer, Yosemite will bring warm days, but you will not see all the beauty of waterfalls and rivers, as they dry up during this period. There are a lot of tourists in the summer season, so you will not be left alone and you will most likely have to forget about meeting roe deer and deer.

I recommend choosing September or the second week of May to visit the park. During this period, the park will delight not only with its natural beauty, but also with lower prices. In autumn, as a rule, the number of tourists drops sharply, and you can safely take a spectacular photo against the backdrop of nature. I recommend winter only to fans of extreme sports. It should be borne in mind that for safe travel you will definitely need rubber with spikes and chains.